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What is Circolo?

The community of communities

At Circolo, you acquire a unique limited or unlimited membership that allows you to stay in places worldwide, as long as you want, whenever you want. You also get expanded services like a virtual personal assistant to help you get things done, access places and events on the go, and access a global community.


You sign ONE contract (goodbye to difficult owners and time-consuming booking), pay ONE fee (in crypto, fiat, or both if you wish), and enjoy using ONE while positively impacting the world.


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Our origin

A journey to 194 countries to discover stories of changemakers financed via crowdfunding, selling bracelets in 2 USD; this initiative was named #togetherpodemos, meaning together we can with the purpose of connecting humanity and discovering new ways of doing business. After 71 countries, the initiative evolved to, inspired by the idea of a circle of life in which we can all have a better world, to connect, engage & interact while we regenerate, share & upgrade in our society. 

What is the Circolo Passport?

We are connectors to bring people together under a platform that enables anybody from anywhere, anytime, to discover, connect and live more. When someone pays our membership, they always have a home, a community, and an enabler, no matter where or when.

We have partnered with property operators, flexible working spaces, food and beverage venues, communities, creators, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide to live up to one purpose: Freedom of mind, soul & place.



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What Circolo Offers?

Whether it is a place to stay, insurance coverage, a coworking, or a wellness club, what you need, we got you; if what you want is a personalized concierge service and cars, boats, and planes everywhere, this is your place; or if you want to travel, to party, to dine or to vibrate in an event, guess what? We are also there. We're your one-stop membership. You are our hero; we are your superpower.

Our yearly meetup a festival of lights,

colors, knowledge, creativity & love





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Home: About

Circolo Road Map

At our blockchain company, we are committed to driving innovation and disrupting traditional models of property ownership and management. By leveraging the power of blockchain, we believe that we can create a more equitable, sustainable, and connected world for all digital nomads and travelers.

Working by the Pool

Connect with our community

Find like-minded people, digital nomads, nomad-preneurs, be up-to-date with news, places and opportunities for your lifestyle

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