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The Inner Circle Dubai
The Inner Circle Dubai

Fri, Nov 22



The Inner Circle Dubai

The time has come to meet like-minded people in an experience highly dominated by moments of self-discovery, a journey of growth and connection designed for the soul of high performing game-changers who understood the importance of traveling inside in order to build a better version of the world out

Time & Location

Nov 22, 2024, 6:00 PM – Nov 24, 2024, 6:00 PM

Dubai, The nest by Sonara

About the event


Much like the tents that once served as a home and refuge, our mastermind beckons us to become the lead characters of our own stories. It's a place where we embark on journeys of thought, battle challenges, and script narratives that echo for generations to come. Welcome to a haven where we craft moments to hold close to our hearts, where we forge remembrances that become threads in the tapestry of our lives and the lives of others. Welcome to the Inner circle, 11 minds, 11 moments:

  • Innovation Illumination: "Much like a beacon in the night, this moment is where innovation takes center stage. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, ignite creative sparks, and sculpt the future of your ventures amidst a collaborative ambiance."
  • Decision Alchemy: "Our mastermind is the crucible where decisions are transformed into gold. Embrace the art of decision-making, drawing inspiration from the alchemy of collective wisdom. Here, choices become opportunities and opportunities become triumphs."
  • Problem-Solving Odyssey: "Embark on an epic odyssey of problem-solving prowess. Navigate through challenges, share insights, and witness how a confluence of minds transforms obstacles into stepping stones. This is where problems meet their match."
  • Community Tapestry Weaving: "Just as threads interlace to form a tapestry, our community-building moment intertwines diverse perspectives. Forge connections, foster collaborations, and witness the birth of a network that extends far beyond these hallowed walls."
  • Inspirational Alcove: "Discover the alcove of inspiration, where stories of resilience, innovation, and triumph are shared. As you absorb the journeys of fellow visionaries, find new wellsprings of motivation to propel your own narrative forward."
  • Visionary Roundtable: "Step into the circle of visionaries, where big ideas are born. Engage in dynamic discussions that stretch the boundaries of conventional thinking. It's not just a roundtable; it's the forge of visionary concepts."
  • Strategic Summit: "Ascend to the strategic summit, where plans take shape and visions crystallize. Chart the course for your enterprises with clarity, precision, and foresight, guided by the collective strategic acumen of the mastermind."
  • Innovation Expedition: "Embark on an innovation expedition, exploring uncharted territories of thought and possibility. This is not just a journey; it's a quest for groundbreaking ideas that will redefine industries and leave an indelible mark."
  • Decision Dynamo: "Become the dynamo of decision-making prowess. In this moment, decisions are not mere choices; they are the catalysts that propel your endeavors into realms of unprecedented success."
  • Community Nexus: "At the nexus of our community-building, witness the convergence of minds, ideas, and aspirations. It's more than networking; it's the birth of a dynamic ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and mutual growth."
  • Innovation Odyssey Finale: "As our mastermind journey culminates, celebrate the fruits of collective innovation. The finale is not an end but a transition, carrying the momentum of newfound perspectives, decisions, solutions, and a community spirit that resonates beyond these transformative moments."


  • 2 days 8 hours 50 minutes


    Skynest Apartments

  • 1 day 18 hours


    Simba Lodge
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